Japanese Echoes - Hommage à Claude Debussy

Claude Debussy (1862-1918): “Canope”
Takashi Fujii (*1959): “Annotation on a Japanese Lullaby”

Claude Debussy: “Les sons et les parfums tournent dans l'air du soir”
Asako Miyaki (*1967): “The garden of afterimage II - butterfly pattern”

Claude Debussy: “Des pas sur la neige”
Yasuko Yamaguchi (*1969): “Die Entdeckung der Freude im Schnee”

Claude Debussy: “Brouillards“
Kumiko Omura (*1970): “À travers le brouillard”

Claude Debussy: “Feuilles mortes“
Takayuki Rai (*1954): “Misty Stillness”

Claude Debussy: “La danse du Puck”
Satoshi Minami (*1955): “Soundprints”


The six works by the Japanese composers were initiated and premiered by Duo Imaginaire in 2015. As a homage to Ckaude Debussy each chose a piano prelude by Debussy to which they composed a reciprocal work to reflect his fascination for Japanese culture, his sensitivity for time and space as well as his expansive sonority..

Here you find a detailed description of this project.

First performances:

Manfred Stahnke

Gordon Kampe

Matthew Orlovich

Frank Zabel

Stefan Heucke

Dietrich Hahne

Martin Christoph Redel

Jörg Birkenkötter

Yasuko Yamaguchi

Kumiko Omura

Asako Myaki

Takayuki Rai

Takashi Fujii

Satoshi Minami

Andrew Digby

Carlos Micháns

Frido ter Beek

James Wishart